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Better Late then Never

I planted sunflowers in both my garden and the late garden, but my plants are no where to be found. Since I used the same package of seeds that I saved from last year, I can rule out lack of … Continue reading

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Babe the Pig

When I was visiting Sandy, I found out that one of her pigs was for sale, so I talked to Mom later in the day, and asked if she could pay for half. I told her I would take care … Continue reading

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New Chics and New Pics

I’ve snapped a lot of pictures today, as it’s been one of those days where a world of difference unfolds.  A few days ago, I decided to trade my old rooster in for one of the roosters I had hatched … Continue reading

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Cucumbers and Okra

I’m trying a second planting of Cucumbers, as the plants that went in from seed this spring have stopped growing, and the vines are dying. I have way too many cucumbers at this point, but soon, they will either be … Continue reading

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One of a Kind Rock Rake

This spring I realized I had a problem, a rock problem, and I began the harvest before I had planted any seeds. I would pile the rocks up, and then wheel them off to the edges of the garden in … Continue reading

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Stocking Up

My father lived through the Great Depression, and often spoke about the daily struggle to find something to eat. At the age of seven his life turned from the age of prosperity which consumed the Roaring 20’s into one of … Continue reading

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Late Blight

So there it is, Late Blight, day four, and the tomato plants are showing the devastating destruction it always leaves behind. I like to keep things positive, and you should know I have way too many tomatoes in my bedroom … Continue reading

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About Garlic

You might be surprised how I write this blog. I start out with pictures, anything I find odd, or interesting. I then start writing about the questions that form when I look at the picture. This is how I view … Continue reading

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Diggin For Gold

 Diggin for Gold, Yukon Gold Potatoes that is. These are my favorite, and I’ve been so spoiled by there taste, that I won’t go back to regular white store potatoes. These are the spuds I live for. They have a … Continue reading

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As the Late Blight is sweeping through the area, we were left with two choices: Pick the tomatoes green, or watch them turn into brown mush. The choice was simple, pick them green, and hope for the best. Sandy, Davie, … Continue reading

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