Etsy Store Closed

Lots of folding wine table prepared for the 2017 Christmas rush.

Well, That was an adventure. I built, sold and shipped over 400 wine tables of various design all around the world within about three years time 5/2015- 7/2018. I have learned a lot and ultimately closed my Etsy shop so I could actually do something other than work. You see it’s not easy to work full time and run a business after work. I missed my life and my garden. So what now ? Well, with the world as it is, quarantine and COVID-19, perhaps its time to go back to the garden, pick up some old hobbies and get back to blogging!

I just love my Nanking cherry bushes, and with a heavy frost due, I thought I should try an experiment. I covered most of the bushes with a tarp and left a few flowers exposed. Just as I thought; It appears the exposed flowers (on the bottom) might be damaged, and therefore are unlikely to produce the cherries I love. The flowers on the top look unscathed. I guess only time will tell if covering them makes a difference. I’ll keep you posted on that later.

Second seeded row.

A few weeks ago, I planted some broccoli, swish chard, pak-choi, and spinach. I was worried that the little seedlings would suffer from the frost, but they look pretty good this morning.

Another project in the works, a 50% shade hoop house

I have yet another project in the works, a 50% shade hoop house. If you scroll down far enough you’ll see the original hoop house I made six years ago. It ultimately was knocked over by the wind, and at that time I had just met my soon to be wife, so the hoop house took a back seat.

I saved the “bones” of the hoop house, and I’m reusing them now. This iteration is meant for propagation – the cloning of plants from cuttings. Here I hope to continue my experiments rooting new plants including blueberries, Nan-king cherries, and many flowering bushes. I’m sure I’ll touch on that again later this year.

David Brown 885

I have lots of other items to fill in the gap I’ve left here, from about 2015 to 2020, lots of changes, lots of growth, and plenty of tough projects. I’ll “dig” into the David Brown 885 later, but here’s a hint: I rebuilt that diesel engine and if that wasn’t enough self-punishment, I rebuilt the transmission too.

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