Diggin For Gold

Yukon Gold Potatoes

Yukon Gold Potatoes

 Diggin for Gold, Yukon Gold Potatoes that is. These are my favorite, and I’ve been so spoiled by there taste, that I won’t go back to regular white store potatoes. These are the spuds I live for. They have a golden color when cut open, and require no butter to taste excellent. 

Since the Late Blight has swept through the tomato patch, we harvested the potatoes early too. They have had just enough time to grow a decent crop, but in better conditions, they should have been left to grow for weeks longer. With three rows measuring about 20 feet long, I think we did alright. In the photo, they are setting in the sun on the produce stand, drying out a bit. You may notice how dirty they are; This is required in order to store them without preservatives. If they are washed off, they won’t last as long before rotting.

So there’s my pile of treasure, beautiful isn’t it ?

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