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Chicks are hatching !

Isn’t It Cute ! Five chicks have climbed out, looks like 9 more are trying. More Pics tomorrow !

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Waiting on Chicks…

Here they are at last ! I’ve been turning these little guys everyday now for about 3 weeks, and I almost thought they were all lost. See, I put the eggs in the incubator late at night, and so on … Continue reading

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Planting Pepper Seeds

I’ve been stocking up on appealing pepper seeds all winter, and now it’s time to get them into some Miracle Grow.  I started out by collecting some Styrofoam cups that I used last year. The idea is to reuse cups … Continue reading

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Spring Planting Calendar

When planting in the past, I would ask local gardeners, and plant crops when they do.  This always works well, and I have yet to plant a major crop too early or too late, but I was looking for a … Continue reading

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Spring Onions

I started the weekend with plans to plant some Onion Sets, and so Friday, I was wondering where I could get some Sets. (If your new to gardening, Onion Sets should be thought of as Onion Seeds. You could grow onions … Continue reading

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Goldy, The Greenhouse Tomato

Every winter since I started gardening, I get the urge to plant things way too early. I’ve managed to restrain myself to starting 8 tomatoes this year. I’ve comically named the plant above “Goldy” since it is a Golden Girl … Continue reading

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Another Attempt to Clone Fruit Trees…

I’ve been a bit obsessed with cloning Fruit trees this winter, and I’ve tried many, many methods. Just before trying the method shown in the picture, I tried  the exact same setup, with paper cups. The result was gross…. Mold … Continue reading

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My Bonsai Green Pepper Plant

Every once in a while, I make a mistake, that turns out pretty well. Last year, around June, when I was transplanting my pepper plants into the garden, I somehow forgot to plant this one. It sat in a black … Continue reading

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Hatching Chicks

The other day, I posted some pictures of Sandy’s farm, where I was picking up an Incubator and a lot of Fertilized Eggs. I have set the Incubator up in my kitchen, and I’ve been carefully watching the tempurature, and … Continue reading

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A Visit to Sandy’s Farm

Sandy and I have been talking about hatching out some of the eggs that she has from her chicken flock, and I went to her farm to pick up the incubator, and dozens of fertilized eggs. When I got there, … Continue reading

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