Stocking Up

Cut Cantaloupe

Cut Cantaloupe

My father lived through the Great Depression, and often spoke about the daily struggle to find something to eat. At the age of seven his life turned from the age of prosperity which consumed the Roaring 20′s into one of despair. His father had a great job before the depression, and a nefarious one after. In the days when the bills demanded to be paid, his land lord forced him to sample home brewed beverages, figuring if my grandfather lived, it was well enough for sale. During the dark days of prohibition, this is how the rent was paid.

I tell this whole back story to help you understand a constant activity which my father employed, and one which I’ve begun to emulate. Dad constantly stocked up food, and had a years supply on hand at all times. When bad times hit, we always had enough, and when good times flowed, we were constantly refreshing the cabinets and closets. In the past people had their own pile of food at home, something I haven’t seen in a while. I personally did not stock food before this recession, but it’s something I have really started to focus on. I have lot’s of food streaming in from the garden, and cannot possibly eat it as quickly as it grows, so I’ve been stocking up what I can.

Cantaloupe, Ready To Freeze

Cantaloupe, Ready To Freeze

The cantaloupe we’ve harvested have been cut, bagged and are ready to be frozen. I’ve chosen to freeze them without syrup this time, but most recipes online call for the mixture. I’m not so worried about the economy while stocking up. I just can’t wait to see how good this food tastes on a freezing cold day in February, as I’m sure I will smile while eating it.

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  1. Sue

    You are such an inspiration! I’ve enjoyed your blog very much!

    I’ve never been hungry a day in my life, but having been raised by parents who grew up on the farm, we were taught to grow a big garden and put it away for winter! I’ve been teased about “preparing for war” because of all of the canning and freezing I do. Last year when my husband was laid off we spent the winter with very little money, but thanks to stocking up from the garden, we ate like Kings! The food is definitely tastier than what you can buy in the store!

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