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New Chicken Coop Foundation

In the fall of last year, I decided that my chicken coop was too small. I gave all of my chickens to my sister Sandy while I tore [..]

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Fall Planted Garlic is Growing.

After planting some store purchased garlic a few weeks ago, I had some reservations about whether it would actually grow. The price was far cheaper then those cloves listed in seed [..]

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New Chics and New Pics

I’ve snapped a lot of pictures today, as it’s been one of those days where a world of difference unfolds.  A few days ago, I decided to trade [..]

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All Grown Up

Here is one of Sandy’s younger generations of chickens, hatched in of all places: My Kitchen. She provided the eggs, incubator and general knowledge of the process. I [..]

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George’s Free Range Chickens

On the other end of the farm, George has more animals then I. He has many pigs, and a small herd of Free Range Chickens. They are an [..]

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Weekend Roundup 5/16/10

There are only two weeks left till I can leave my comfortable office chair, and head out into my own, even more comfortable little world, or should I say [..]

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