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Direct Seeded Broccoli

On August 19, I planted some broccoli and cabbage. A few weeks later, I released my chickens to roam free for the winter. What I found out is that chickens like to eat healthy too, so I’ve had to put … Continue reading

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Trouble Letting Go…

I’ve had a great deal of luck growing most plants from seed, with the exceptions of Pak Choi, Cabbage, Onions and Celery. The one celery plant that grew, I gave up waiting for germination, and reused the soil for a … Continue reading

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Spooky Pumpkins

White Pumpkins This spring, I started some white pumpkins hoping to grow enough for the kids to carve them for Halloween. However, In the shuffle of over a thousand plants out of the greenhouse, I lost track of them, and they found … Continue reading

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Sauteed Swiss Shard

After chasing the chickens out of the greenhouse, I noticed a row of green in the garden. The Swiss Shard was still growing, and had not been killed by the frost. I did a search, and found that shard will … Continue reading

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Babe’s Getting Bigger

    The little pig that was barely taller then her water bucket is now twice as big, and just as messy. Since the garden is devoid of all things except broccoli, and cabbage, I’ve switched Babe’s diet over to … Continue reading

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Fall Omelette

Now that the first frost has cleared most of the garden, it’s time to enjoy the harvest. Throughout the summer, I’ve been dicing and freezing various veggies for use in the months when they would not be available. I’ve got … Continue reading

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Paper Compost Bin

As part of my commitment to lower my Carbon Footprint, I’ve decided to no longer throw away paper, or cardboard. This will reduce the amount of carbon that I put into the atmosphere, since this paper will no longer be burned. … Continue reading

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This Old Barn: Part 2

On Thursday and Friday Davie and I worked on the back part of the barn.  You can see it needed a lot of work, as some boards have blown off in the last year. The barn looked terrible, and the … Continue reading

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This Old Barn: Part 1

It Stay-cation time again, and this time I thought it would be a wise use of my time off to work on the stalls in Mom’s barn. I started with this doorway, re-hanging the door that used to be attached … Continue reading

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October Peppers

It’s almost that time of year when the majority of garden plants perish as  the frost descends from a cloudless sky. When this happens, you can see more stars in the sky than on any other night, and a dark … Continue reading

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