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Pandemic Panic

This year Kassy and I found ourselves in the greenhouse right about the time when the number of new cases of Corona was increasing exponentially, just before they peaked, and not long after very real meat shortages began. I assumed … Continue reading

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50% Shade Hoop House

This year I hope to take a much harder swing at propagating cuttings, and to scale up my efforts, I’m bringing back the bones of the old hoop house I originally constructed 6 years ago. I’ll modify the design to … Continue reading

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Etsy Store Closed

Well, That was an adventure. I built, sold and shipped over 400 wine tables of various design all around the world within about three years time 5/2015- 7/2018. I have learned a lot and ultimately closed my Etsy shop so … Continue reading

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Etsy Store Open

After much discussion between Kassy, Nate and myself, I’ve finally opened an Etsy shop to sell the products of my second favorite hobby: Woodworking. Above, you can see my third item for sale, a wine bottle and glass holder for … Continue reading

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Recipe for Grape Jam.

A few years ago, I planted 12 different types of grapes on the farm, including many plants that I cloned. This year I’ve finally started to taste the rewards of that effort, in the form of Grape Jam. Kassy and … Continue reading

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Rainy Cool Summer

It’s been an unseasonable cool summer, with what seems like twice the normal amount of rain. I’ve only had to water the garden in the first few weeks after it was planted, and I haven’t touched it since.  The crops … Continue reading

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Hoop House Trials

I’ve been meaning to take cool weather veggies more seriously for several years now. I’ve never had much luck with the likes of broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage, and thought there might be an issue with my timing. I was also … Continue reading

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Oliver OC-3 Dozer

This summer I acquired a small, antique bull-dozer. I didn’t have any use in mind for it, but the prices was too good to pass up. The first day I drove it was quite an education. For one, there are … Continue reading

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Busy Building

When I moved into my new home, I had a half completed project waiting for me in the background. This structure was originally intended to be a horse barn, but I’m not the type who enjoys feeding animals everyday nor … Continue reading

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“A Normal Garden”

After years of telling myself to cut back, I’ve finally managed to plant a much smaller, much more “normal” sized garden. It’s amazingly simple to maintain, and I only have to move the sprinkler once per watering to cover all … Continue reading

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