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Grape Clones Revisited

Here are the Grape clones that I planted in an earlier post. Nearly half of the canes that I’ve placed in cups have growth, and they are the last plants left in my now nearly barren grow room.  There are … Continue reading

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A Three Leaf Seedling ?

 I’m not sure what to think about this seedling with three starter leaves, but I am pretty sure it is a genetic trait that has been changed from the other seedlings. Having three leaves would seem like an advantage, since … Continue reading

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Weekend Roundup 4/24/10

The weekend started off easily enough, with plans to make a map of my small orchard. I walked around and took pictures of each identifing tag, and added each varieties name to a map. I’ve used a small piece of … Continue reading

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My Confidence Grows in the Greenhouse Heating System

Here is a table full of Tomato and Pepper plants.  After the last few nights with cold weather, and even a bit of snow, I’ve gained enought confidence in the heating system to start moving my seedlings in. The tomatoes that … Continue reading

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Taking the Chill Off – In the Greenhouse

I’ve finally settled on a heating system for the greenhouse. Basically, there is a Line Voltage thermostat that monitors the tempurature inside. When the temp drops below the desired tempurature, the thermostat passes on 120V to the recepticle below. This … Continue reading

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“Tom” Got The Seeds I Sent Him !

I’ve been waiting since before Christmas to hear if “Tom” got the seeds I sent him. Tom is my sponsor child in Senegal, Africa. I sponsor him through Child Fund International, and at $24 a month, they take care of … Continue reading

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Tomato Planting Time

I’ve been spending a good amount of time these last few days planting Tomato seeds for this years garden. As always, I got carried away, and so far I’m up to about 500 seeds in dirt. Add these cups to … Continue reading

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Weekend Roundup 4/4/10

Here is the newest garden tool, on loan to me from Davie and Sandy. It’s a nice little garden tractor that will save me a lot of work. In the photo above, a set of “hairs” is chained to the … Continue reading

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Chick Pics, and a Unique Guest

Some of these chicks were just moved out of the Incubator, and they look quite tired. They have just pecked their way out of some pretty hard shells, and it is their first day. The chick on the left is … Continue reading

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