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Blooming In Time for Christmas

A co-worker brought in some plants around the beginning of the year, and when she was on vacation, I made it a point to water the bulbs daily. Once I had the habit of watering them, it stuck even after … Continue reading

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“Winter Melon”

I picked a watermelon months ago when expecting guests, and left it sit on my kitchen counter. The guests came and went, and I forgot about the melon till the other day. I noticed it sitting there very much out … Continue reading

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Lighting That Candle…

Do not try this at home ! If this process is not followed correctly, bad things can happen. I’m planning to make five batches of Bio-Char this winter, and I’m a bit behind schedule, so this weekend I decided to … Continue reading

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Try, Try, Try Again: Fruit Tree Cloning

A few years ago, I learned how to clone grape vines. Ever since then, I’ve tried the same approach to clone other plants. I’ve managed to clone an Elderberry bush, a Lilac, countless Weeping Willows, even a tomato; but there … Continue reading

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Here Comes The Work Part of Winter

I’ve been thinking about getting a jump start on the winter season by pruning my fruit trees and grape vines before it gets too cold, but Mother Nature apparently has a different plan. This morning, just as the sun was … Continue reading

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Sage Tea

As I was walking up my steps into my backdoor, I glanced down at my now two year old sage plant, and wondered what I could use it for. The plant is just starting it’s second winter, and the leaves … Continue reading

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Water Carries Life

While leaving the farm on my way to work this morning, I noticed one of the natural springs flowing a bit more then usual. It was nice to see this ribbon of green growth, after the recent snowfall, and it’s … Continue reading

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