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Weekend Roundup 8/29/10

I’ll admit it, Saturday, I slept in, and really didn’t do much of anything other then take pictures for my sister. So when I awoke Sunday, I was rearing to go, and not in the mood to sit around. I … Continue reading

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Crop Circles ?

My niece Jennifer can be a bit of a trickster, so when her and Jessica informed me that a space ship landed in my corn and made a crop circle, I took the news with a grain of salt and … Continue reading

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Root Crops

Turnips are very easy to grow, and I’ve always had great success with them, sometimes even more success then I planned. I imagine the word turnip was derived from or caused the use of the expression “whatever turns up”; because … Continue reading

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Stuffed Tomatoes

Stuffed Tomatoes are new to me, and I’ve never tried them before this growing season. The whole idea sprang from a variety of tomatoes that I’ve grown this year: Yellow Stuffers. After reading about this oddity, I did a google … Continue reading

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Okra and Upgrades

The time is finally here, the Okra is fully grown and ready to taste. This vegetable can be eaten raw, or cooked into a “slime” that is used for various culinary purposes. I opted for the raw taste. I sliced … Continue reading

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Photos by Nate: 3

Sunflower My nephew has an amazing ability to take photos, and after a short illness, he’s back on track, and out snapping pictures. Above he captured a Sunflower in mid bloom. The flowers have just started emerging in the last … Continue reading

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Blight and Tomato Trials

Late blight has ruined the tomato patch, and as a way to look “on the bright side of life”, I’m treating this outbreak as a learning opportunity. I’ve split up the patch into different zones, each with an identifying marker. … Continue reading

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Cabbage and Broccoli

This years cucumbers ran out of steam a few weeks ago, and I’ve stopped weeding them. Above you can see just how quickly pigweed can overtake the garden. The brown mass in the center is a pile of weeds harvested … Continue reading

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Zen Harvest

Here are some of the beans I harvested today. They are dry beans, with a distinctive Ying – Yang looking pattern on the bean itself. I planted these in the hopes of getting my neices excited about the garden, and … Continue reading

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Country Corn

My little sister (in height, not age) is on vacation for the week, so it’s her time to relax and enjoy life a bit. She decided to start a small bon-fire, and invited a bunch of friends over. Maurice’s house is near … Continue reading

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