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Overkill ?

I’ve finally taken the plunge and upgraded my sprinkler. I’ve been through all manner of watering devices, and I’ve never been able to find one that fits my garden’s dimensions, until now. I found this sprinkler at the local big … Continue reading

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Corn, Celery & Onions

My corn is about 8 inches tall, and I really don’t think it will reach the “knee high by July” standard that most farmers judge their crops by. I’m not worried however, as this corn is more in the range … Continue reading

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Summer Cherries and Berries

While mowing the field over the weekend, I spotted these berry plants growing wild. I did some investigating online, and I believe that they are Service Berries. The leaves of this plant match the descriptions of service berries on several … Continue reading

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It’s Official

Over the weekend, Rob gave me a 10 minute lesson in how the tractor works. He showed me where the brakes and clutch were, and how to shift this beast. As soon as I hoped up onto the seat it was … Continue reading

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Healthy Tomatoes

I’ve done battle with Late Blight for several years now, but I refuse to give in to this plague. When my tomato patch turned to mush last year as my plants all withered away, I took the opportunity to learn … Continue reading

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Pak Choi

I finally got some Pak Choi to grow, and I’ve very excited to try it out. This Asian crop can be planted either in early spring or in the summer for a fall crop. Since I was quite busy with … Continue reading

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All Volunteer Army

I had started constructing a small area in which I hoped to get my Strawberry plants growing year after year. I may have made a mistake however when I choose the location for this berry patch. I broke ground where … Continue reading

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New Beans and Colorful Chard

I’m always trying new things in the garden, and I’ve been surprised and disappointed in the past. The pole bean above has surprised me already with it’s very cool looking leaves. They are more compact, and smoother then most bean … Continue reading

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Roof Framing

I’m still working on my shed, with the light at the end of the tunnel now in sight. I have the roof frame complete, and I’ll soon begin laying down sheets of plywood for the roof itself. I’ve borrowed some … Continue reading

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Go Go Goji Berries !

This past winter, I ordered some odd new plants for my long term gardening plan. These plants included Honey Berries, Goji Berries and a Paw Paw tree. I’ve already recieved and planted the Honey Berries, and a week or two … Continue reading

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