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As Good a Time as Any

I recently pulled up the results of my first experiment with garlic. The bulbs were no where near as large as those shown above, but the trial did prove that I could grow my favorite seasoning with garlic purchased from … Continue reading

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Photos From the Tomato Patch.

As I was looking around the tomato patch, I realized that I may just achieve my goal of “too many tomatoes”. I’ve been dusting the plants religiously every 7 days per the “Dragoon Dust” directions, and there is no sign … Continue reading

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More Cherries and Berries

I took a look around to see just how much rain we had gotten from a recent storm. I was very happy to see that the soil seemed satisfied for the time being, and I had no obligation to carry … Continue reading

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New Views

I decided to take some photos from odd angles in an attempt to find some really unique perspectives. I started with this sunflower, positioning myself so that the sun would be directly behind the flower. While to photo has some … Continue reading

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Sneaking Potatoes

I planted quite a few potatoes this year, and I just couldn’t wait anymore to try them out. I was going to rip one of the plants out of the ground, for investigative porposes, when I heard that you could … Continue reading

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Photos by Jessica

My father often pushed me to learn as much about everything as possible, and he also stressed the importance of having a particular skill set that was specialized.  In my teenage years, dad taught me many different skills from basic … Continue reading

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First Peppers

Just like last year, the Chablis peppers are the first to produce. These are a really neat pepper, starting off yellow, then sometimes turning green and finally ending with red tones. They are edible through the whole process, but do … Continue reading

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Back on Track

The zucchini patch is doing much better these days. It seems the ground hog that I have yet to eliminate has decided to munch on only one of my zucchini patches, and leave the other alone. While I’m happy for … Continue reading

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The First Years – Available Now

I’ve finally completed my first book, which has a great deal in common with this blog. It’s a 76 page full color journal about my beginning years as a farmer. You can see a preview here:, including a flip through of many of … Continue reading

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John and Martha’s Garden

My neighbor John noticed that we have been using the tractor and brush hog to mow the field around my house, and he wanted me to stop up and see about mowing some of his fields. While I was there, … Continue reading

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