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Winter Plans

I have been watching Mother Nature more so then usual now that I have a new project in mind. I’m thinking about building a root cellar to store [..]

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Babe’s Getting Bigger

    The little pig that was barely taller then her water bucket is now twice as big, and just as messy. Since the garden is devoid of [..]

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Feeding Babe

Everyday I spend about 20 minutes gathering two five gallon buckets of food for Babe, the pig my Mother and I have invested in. Usually I try to [..]

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Babe the Pig

When I was visiting Sandy, I found out that one of her pigs was for sale, so I talked to Mom later in the day, and asked if [..]


Weekend Roundup 4/4/10

Here is the newest garden tool, on loan to me from Davie and Sandy. It’s a nice little garden tractor that will save me a lot of work. [..]

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George’s Pigs

Here’s another post from the other side of the farm, all about, Pigs.  I love being on this end of the farm due to the sheer isolation. Looking [..]


The other end of the farm…

My brother George, who lives literally, on the other end of the farm. As I have been learning gardening, he has been learning how to raise pigs. He [..]

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