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“A Normal Garden”

After years of telling myself to cut back, I’ve finally managed to plant a much smaller, much more “normal” sized garden. It’s amazingly simple to maintain, and I only have to move the sprinkler once per watering to cover all … Continue reading

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Half Way There !

I’ve got about 40 cucumber plants in the first row, with weed blocking fabric to save me lots of time. The second row contains a mix of winter squashes, such as Butternut and Table Ace squash. The third row contains … Continue reading

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Finally Cucumbers

I finally snapped a picture of a cucumber forming on Friday. These small veggies were hard fought for, and late in the season. To get this photo I had to battle two foes. First the ever present and hungry cucumber … Continue reading

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Fall Plantings

On August 19th, I worked the soil, and planted some Cabbage and Broccoli. The timing is something I’m a bit unsure of, and I wanted to make note of it for next years planting. It’s also been very dry lately, … Continue reading

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Cucumbers and Okra

I’m trying a second planting of Cucumbers, as the plants that went in from seed this spring have stopped growing, and the vines are dying. I have way too many cucumbers at this point, but soon, they will either be … Continue reading

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Photos by Nate

My nephew just got a new Iphone, I believe it’s the 3GS version, but I can’t be sure. This phone has an amazing camera, and I asked Nate to take some pictures for my blog with it. Above he got … Continue reading

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Calm Before the Storm

Having a garden is like having a grocery store in your backyard, and it’s a great feeling to walk out without paying a dime. It’s almost like you feel guilty for “stealing” food. The only theft your really guilty of is … Continue reading

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Expectations and Outcomes

This is not how I envisioned the watermelon growing. I figured one or two vines would take over, and choke out the other plants. I was mistaken, and I now know that these expansive plants need lots of room. Next … Continue reading

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The Late Overfill Garden

This spring, I’ve met a new friend, who hasn’t done much gardening in the past, but was quite interested in trying it out. There was some nice dirt next to the barn, and the previous gardener decided not to plant … Continue reading

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The Garden is Full

Here’s my littlest helper, and the gardener that started All of the watermelons in the garden. He choose the seeds, when to plant them and how. All I’ve done to help him out is water his plants when they were … Continue reading

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