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What’s Growing This Weekend

March is almost here, and soon I will be very busy planting seeds, so I thought I would take some pictures of the plants growing in my house. I have nearly 30 house plants, and I really enjoy living in … Continue reading

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Making BioChar

 I had been researching garden soil additives, when I read about BioChar. Basically, BioChar is made by the “pyrolysis of biomass”, or in other words, it’s what’s left when you cook wood. The idea is to heat the wood up, … Continue reading

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It’s Getting Hot in Here….

This photo reminds me of the song “It’s Getting Hot in Here” by Nelly. I was so amazed at the tempurature, I had to take a picture.  There is a problem though, If the greenhouse gets up to 95 Degrees in … Continue reading

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Hanging Flower Pots

I had no plans for today, so when I woke up, I was unsure what to pass the time doing. I grabbed a seed catalog, and figured I would find some new vegetable to grow, but what I found was … Continue reading

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Rooting Cuttings, Part Two

In an attempt to keep myself from being a gloomy grump this winter, I’ve been experimenting with Cuttings from various plants. My main focus has been trying to figure out a way to clone Fruit Trees. I’ve had some progress, … Continue reading

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Inside the Greenhouse

I’ve had some questions about the inside area of the Greenhouse, so I thought I would post some pictures. The photo above was taken at night, in February, just after a mild snowstorm. The roof looks really neat after it … Continue reading

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Garden Planning

As I continue to dig out from the recent snowfall, I’ve been passing the time indoors by planning this years garden. While writting this, I have 20 types of tomatoes, and 7 types of peppers. I have so many types … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Tree

Althought this tree only provides shade for humans, it is quite important for some of the other critters that live on the farm. Birds and other small animals will eat the seeds hidden in the pine cones which are growing. But that’s … Continue reading

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Sage, In Winter

Last year, I devoted a section of my garden to Herbs. It takes herbs quite a while to get started, but I figured I would try growing them from seed.  I dug up some of the plants when I feared the … Continue reading

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Propogating Grapes, Revisited.

Yesterday, Nate and I pruned the Concord Grapes by the Ice House, so today, I thought I would prune Mom’s Grapes, which are Native W/ Seeds. There was once a shed there, since it was torn down, these grapes grew on … Continue reading

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