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Before and After Cherry Blossoms

The other day I just happened to look over at my two sweet cherry bushes, and noticed that they’ve got quite colorful, so I decided to snap a few pictures.  The very next day, I looked at the plants once … Continue reading

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Moving and Sheeting

My mother stopped by the other day to see how the greenhouse was fairing, and when she took a look at my chicken coop project she explained all the reasons why I would have to move it. The chief reason … Continue reading

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Endless Cups

The weather is warm enough now to trust in the safety the Greenhouse provides. I have an electric heater attached to an auto-magic temperature sensor to provide the first layer of defense, with a manual start propane heater to use … Continue reading

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From the Ground Up

What a flash. The weekend started like any other with plans for hard work, and real progress. The base of what I’m now referring to as my multipurpose building was completed just in time to start constructing the walls. In … Continue reading

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Chicken Coop Plans

I finally found the time to plot out my chicken coop design. I’d like to have a second story for storage, but I might not have that much room available. When I originally decided on the placement of the coop, … Continue reading

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Chicken Coop Update

Since the last photo of the chicken coop, I’ve started nailing down 2 x 3’s for a sub floor. Above you can see the first four rows, along with a nice covering of snow. The beams below the 2 x … Continue reading

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