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Planning Ahead with Bio-Char

Kids: Don’t try this at home ! If the gases do not properly escape during heating, you will be in trouble. Somewhere during my life, I either learned this lesson myself, or picked it up from others: “The longer ahead … Continue reading

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Mapping Progress

Blue Concord In the long term, I hope to clone most of the grapes which I’ve planted near the garden. The cloning part isn’t that difficult, but keeping track of each specific vine’s name over the course of several years … Continue reading

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Frosted Veggies

I’ve been watching patiently as my cool weather crops progress. After ignoring these plants for my first few years gardening, I’m quite surprized by there growth. I’ve been in the routine that once the frost comes, game over. No extra … Continue reading

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Cleaning The Greenhouse

I try to be a neat person, but with a full time job, and a garden that’s half an acre, somethings gotta give. That something this year is the tidiness of the greenhouse. I’ve started over a thousand plants in … Continue reading

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Beautiful Weekend

For November, this past weekend was beautiful. The green hasn’t yet been sapped out of everything, and the sky was a mix of blue’s and whites. The few clouds that floated through the sky were small, and diverse in color. … Continue reading

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Winter’s Purpose

Mechanical Timer It  may still be fall for most people, but for this IT guy there are two seasons: Winter and Growing season. Winter is a time for restocking, weather it be nutrients in the soil, or tools for the … Continue reading

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Hot Stuff

I grew hot peppers for the first time this year, even though I’m not a big fan of spicy food. I figured my nephew would find a use for them, as he enjoys spicy food. I planted a row of … Continue reading

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