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December Growth

Most of the plants in my garden have long ago succumbed to the cold weather, but there are still a few hints of life around the farm if you know where to look. When I set out with my camera to … Continue reading

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Garden Stromboli

Finding something to eat for one person often is very easy, but unhealthy.  This little recipe to pretty easy to work through, and I imagine it’s quite healthy too. The ingredient list is short: 1.) One or Two hamburgers 2.) … Continue reading

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As Good a Time as Any

I recently pulled up the results of my first experiment with garlic. The bulbs were no where near as large as those shown above, but the trial did prove that I could grow my favorite seasoning with garlic purchased from … Continue reading

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First Garlic

I’ve gotten my first harvest of garlic, and although the bulbs are small, I’ve learned quite a bit from the process. When I planted these cloves, I used some dirt from the garden and covered it with a thin layer … Continue reading

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Early Signs of Spring

I caught this sight out of the corner of my eye while petting my niece’s puppy. These green sprouts are Daffodils which are beginning to grow a few weeks earlier then last year. I took a similar picture on March … Continue reading

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Fall Planted Garlic is Growing.

After planting some store purchased garlic a few weeks ago, I had some reservations about whether it would actually grow. The price was far cheaper then those cloves listed in seed catalogs, so I thought it was worth a try.  I’m as delighted … Continue reading

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Weekend Roundup 8/29/10

I’ll admit it, Saturday, I slept in, and really didn’t do much of anything other then take pictures for my sister. So when I awoke Sunday, I was rearing to go, and not in the mood to sit around. I … Continue reading

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About Garlic

You might be surprised how I write this blog. I start out with pictures, anything I find odd, or interesting. I then start writing about the questions that form when I look at the picture. This is how I view … Continue reading

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