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Towering Tomatoes & Number5

I’ve been starting tomatoes in my greenhouse for several years now, but I’ve just now learned something new: If you start tomatoes too early, it seems to stunt their growth. The tomatoes above were the last that I planted, and … Continue reading

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Endless Cups

The weather is warm enough now to trust in the safety the Greenhouse provides. I have an electric heater attached to an auto-magic temperature sensor to provide the first layer of defense, with a manual start propane heater to use … Continue reading

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One of a Kind Rock Rake

This spring I realized I had a problem, a rock problem, and I began the harvest before I had planted any seeds. I would pile the rocks up, and then wheel them off to the edges of the garden in … Continue reading

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Taking the Chill Off – In the Greenhouse

I’ve finally settled on a heating system for the greenhouse. Basically, there is a Line Voltage thermostat that monitors the tempurature inside. When the temp drops below the desired tempurature, the thermostat passes on 120V to the recepticle below. This … Continue reading

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Spring Planting Calendar

When planting in the past, I would ask local gardeners, and plant crops when they do.  This always works well, and I have yet to plant a major crop too early or too late, but I was looking for a … Continue reading

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Hatching Chicks

The other day, I posted some pictures of Sandy’s farm, where I was picking up an Incubator and a lot of Fertilized Eggs. I have set the Incubator up in my kitchen, and I’ve been carefully watching the tempurature, and … Continue reading

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