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Stocking Up

My father lived through the Great Depression, and often spoke about the daily struggle to find something to eat. At the age of seven his life turned from the age of prosperity which consumed the Roaring 20’s into one of … Continue reading

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Gardener’s Friday Breakfast

Today is my late day at work, so this morning, I met up with Kim to pick whatever was ready for harvest. When we got to the Melon Patch, we noticed many of the plants are turning brown, and decided … Continue reading

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Melons, Squash, and Zucchini Continue the Amazement.

I’m suprised again ! This watermelon has been hiding out of sight, and I just noticed it last evening. I placed the pepsi bottle next to it to show just how big this melon has grown. There are a few … Continue reading

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The Garden is Full

Here’s my littlest helper, and the gardener that started All of the watermelons in the garden. He choose the seeds, when to plant them and how. All I’ve done to help him out is water his plants when they were … Continue reading

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The Final Countdown……

In one week, I’ll be busy digging holes, and shuffling plants. I am a bit nervous though, the other day I was picking grass for my Egg Laying chickens, and I hurt my back. It’s not too bad, though the pain … Continue reading

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