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Rock Garden Update

I’ve largely neglected my rock garden since constructing it over what was a dump a long long time ago. Weeds have been growing up between the rocks, and [..]

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Sandy and Davies Garden

I stopped in at my sister’s house this weekend, and as usual, I wound up taking a bunch of pictures. Sandy and Davie didn’t plant much last year [..]

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Direct Seeded Plants & Rock Garden Status

On Tuesday I started planting Tomatoes, so by Thursday I decided it was time to switch gears to direct seeded plants. I started with some Lettuce, then Purple [..]

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Sage Tea

As I was walking up my steps into my backdoor, I glanced down at my now two year old sage plant, and wondered what I could use it [..]

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About Garlic

You might be surprised how I write this blog. I start out with pictures, anything I find odd, or interesting. I then start writing about the questions that [..]

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Tart Cherries and Wild Mint

The tart cherries are just starting to ripen and they are worth eating even thought they are quite sour. I gave my neices some, and they liked them. [..]

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Water, Weeds, Grapes and Corn.

Here is a water Carrier / Sprayer that Dad used to water all of the grape vines back in the day. It hasn’t been used much in the [..]

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Sage is a very interesting plant, with endless uses. I planted it last year without knowing much about it. I was suprised to see that it survived the [..]

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Sage, In Winter

Last year, I devoted a section of my garden to Herbs. It takes herbs quite a while to get started, but I figured I would try growing them [..]


Easy to grow…. Herbs

In my first year growing plants from seeds, I figured I would try my hand at growing some herbs. I found an old tractor tire, and placed it [..]