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Rock Garden Update

I’ve largely neglected my rock garden since constructing it over what was a dump a long long time ago. Weeds have been growing up between the rocks, and sumac has grown all around. I have decided to take a little … Continue reading

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Sandy and Davies Garden

I stopped in at my sister’s house this weekend, and as usual, I wound up taking a bunch of pictures. Sandy and Davie didn’t plant much last year since they were helping so much with my garden. After missing their … Continue reading

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Direct Seeded Plants & Rock Garden Status

On Tuesday I started planting Tomatoes, so by Thursday I decided it was time to switch gears to direct seeded plants. I started with some Lettuce, then Purple Kohlrabi, two flavors of Mesclun then I finished up with some Green … Continue reading

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Sage Tea

As I was walking up my steps into my backdoor, I glanced down at my now two year old sage plant, and wondered what I could use it for. The plant is just starting it’s second winter, and the leaves … Continue reading

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About Garlic

You might be surprised how I write this blog. I start out with pictures, anything I find odd, or interesting. I then start writing about the questions that form when I look at the picture. This is how I view … Continue reading

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Tart Cherries and Wild Mint

The tart cherries are just starting to ripen and they are worth eating even thought they are quite sour. I gave my neices some, and they liked them. The trouble maker of the group suggested giving them to their mom … Continue reading

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Water, Weeds, Grapes and Corn.

Here is a water Carrier / Sprayer that Dad used to water all of the grape vines back in the day. It hasn’t been used much in the last few years, but I’ve decided it would be a huge help, … Continue reading

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Sage is a very interesting plant, with endless uses. I planted it last year without knowing much about it. I was suprised to see that it survived the winter, and I’m even more suprised that it grows some very cool … Continue reading

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Sage, In Winter

Last year, I devoted a section of my garden to Herbs. It takes herbs quite a while to get started, but I figured I would try growing them from seed.  I dug up some of the plants when I feared the … Continue reading

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Easy to grow…. Herbs

In my first year growing plants from seeds, I figured I would try my hand at growing some herbs. I found an old tractor tire, and placed it on its side next to my walkway. I filled the base of … Continue reading

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