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Halloween; A Transition to Cool Crops

As I observe more and more of the subtle hints of seasonal change, I’m starting to find dates on the calendar where changes become permanent transition points. Halloween has become my new marker on the calendar for the absolute end … Continue reading

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August Surprises

The garden is so very big that I often don’t get to see whats growing in the different area everyday, and sometimes I may miss a portion for weeks at a time. I was having a pretty bad week for … Continue reading

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Spooky Pumpkins

White Pumpkins This spring, I started some white pumpkins hoping to grow enough for the kids to carve them for Halloween. However, In the shuffle of over a thousand plants out of the greenhouse, I lost track of them, and they found … Continue reading

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Photos by Nate: 3

Sunflower My nephew has an amazing ability to take photos, and after a short illness, he’s back on track, and out snapping pictures. Above he captured a Sunflower in mid bloom. The flowers have just started emerging in the last … Continue reading

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Better Late then Never

I planted sunflowers in both my garden and the late garden, but my plants are no where to be found. Since I used the same package of seeds that I saved from last year, I can rule out lack of … Continue reading

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