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Halloween; A Transition to Cool Crops

As I observe more and more of the subtle hints of seasonal change, I’m starting to find dates on the calendar where changes become permanent transition points. Halloween [..]

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August Surprises

The garden is so very big that I often don’t get to see whats growing in the different area everyday, and sometimes I may miss a portion for [..]

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Spooky Pumpkins

White Pumpkins This spring, I started some white pumpkins hoping to grow enough for the kids to carve them for Halloween. However, In the shuffle of over a thousand plants [..]


Photos by Nate: 3

Sunflower My nephew has an amazing ability to take photos, and after a short illness, he’s back on track, and out snapping pictures. Above he captured a Sunflower [..]

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Better Late then Never

I planted sunflowers in both my garden and the late garden, but my plants are no where to be found. Since I used the same package of seeds [..]

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