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Dirt – “The Skin of the Earth”

For most of my life, I have taken one thing for granted more then anything else: Dirt. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve spent endless hours of my youth playing in dirt, ridding my bike through it, even wading through mud … Continue reading

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Preparing for Frost

The garden has begun it’s slow transformation from a land of plenty, with rapidly growing plants to a shadow of it’s height in summer. Most of the plants are showing their fatigue for the year, and many have withered completely. … Continue reading

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Fall Planted Garlic is Growing.

After planting some store purchased garlic a few weeks ago, I had some reservations about whether it would actually grow. The price was far cheaper then those cloves listed in seed catalogs, so I thought it was worth a try.  I’m as delighted … Continue reading

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Weekend Roundup 09/19/10

I’ve decided to take a new approach with regards to my chickens. Up to this point, I’ve kept them in a chicken house, with a fenced in run. Since the garden is well picked over, It seemed appropriate to release them … Continue reading

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Tomato Jelly

Tomato Jelly !? Sounds gross, but just like Zucchini pancakes, it’s something you have to try before passing judgment. I was quite reluctant to try it, but since then, I’ve been dieing for more. It actually tastes like Strawberry Jelly, … Continue reading

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A Few Good Grapes

The last two years, have been brutal for grape production. I’m not sure if it is something I’m doing wrong or if the weather is too blame. Last year all of the grapes withered before they began to turn purple, and … Continue reading

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Some Like it Hot

I’m not much of a spicy food eater, but some members of my family like their food served as if still on fire, so I grew some hot peppers for them. So far, five people have been daring enough to … Continue reading

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Feeding Babe

Everyday I spend about 20 minutes gathering two five gallon buckets of food for Babe, the pig my Mother and I have invested in. Usually I try to find fruits and veggies that most people wouldn’t eat, such as that … Continue reading

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A Lesson: Good Things Take Time & Effort

As the growing season is winding down, I hope to post some of the lessons I’ve learned this year. 2010 is my second year for cloning grapes, also known as “propagating”. This year, I’ve made it a point to take … Continue reading

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Children in the Corn

In the past, I’ve always tried to keep the kids out of the garden, as they always seemed to step on my most prized plants. This year, I’ve taken on a new mindset: Kids should have fun in the garden, … Continue reading

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