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Towering Tomatoes & Number5

I’ve been starting tomatoes in my greenhouse for several years now, but I’ve just now learned something new: If you start tomatoes too early, it seems to stunt their growth. The tomatoes above were the last that I planted, and … Continue reading

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Blossom End Rot

Blossom End Rot is something that almost never affects the tomatoes in my garden, but seems to be fairly common when the tomatoes are planted elsewhere, like in my compost pile. It’s a condition often caused by a very well … Continue reading

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In The Greenhouse

I could have planted all of the above lettuce and mesclun seeds directly in the ground provided the rain would stop, and give me a chance to work the soil. I’ll move these cups outside once the climate snaps back … Continue reading

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Stuffed Tomatoes

Stuffed Tomatoes are new to me, and I’ve never tried them before this growing season. The whole idea sprang from a variety of tomatoes that I’ve grown this year: Yellow Stuffers. After reading about this oddity, I did a google … Continue reading

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August 4th Harvest

The season is in full swing, and with it flows the bounty of all the work invested this spring and summer. The cucumbers are setting what may be their final pickles, as the vines are beginning to wither. They have … Continue reading

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Yellow Stuffer Tomato

Yellow Stuffers are a new variety of Tomatoes that I’ve added to my garden this year. I’m trying to build a collection of Heritage tomatoes, and I hope to grow many varieties each year to preserve them for future generations. … Continue reading

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Calm Before the Storm

Having a garden is like having a grocery store in your backyard, and it’s a great feeling to walk out without paying a dime. It’s almost like you feel guilty for “stealing” food. The only theft your really guilty of is … Continue reading

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