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Up Close

I often struggle to document all of the detail I see with my eyes. I have a pretty good camera, but I can’t always get this amazing device [..]

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Zucchini Boats

I’ve definitely had my fair share of salad this summer, so I decided to switch things up a bit and cook some warm food. Zucchini Boats are a [..]

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Just Peachy

I’ve had peach trees in my front yard for at least five years now, and I’ve never noticed peaches growing on any of them. While wondering around this [..]

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Harvest After Dark

I’ve been working on quite a number of things which seem to consume my daylight hours, so I didn’t get to look through the garden till after 10 [..]

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One of Each Flavor

I never thought there was much variation in vegetables, and each year I find this assumption to be more and more incorrect. I’m finding out that there is [..]

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Back on Track

The zucchini patch is doing much better these days. It seems the ground hog that I have yet to eliminate has decided to munch on only one of [..]

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Zucchini Surprise

Most of my zucchini plants are quite a bit behind schedule, and it shows. These plants have been the victim of ground hogs, which is a new arch-nemesis [..]

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All Volunteer Army

I had started constructing a small area in which I hoped to get my Strawberry plants growing year after year. I may have made a mistake however when [..]

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Weekend Roundup 09/19/10

I’ve decided to take a new approach with regards to my chickens. Up to this point, I’ve kept them in a chicken house, with a fenced in run. [..]

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August 4th Harvest

The season is in full swing, and with it flows the bounty of all the work invested this spring and summer. The cucumbers are setting what may be [..]

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