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Stuffed Tomatoes

Stuffed Tomatoes are new to me, and I’ve never tried them before this growing season. The whole idea sprang from a variety of tomatoes that I’ve grown this year: Yellow Stuffers. After reading about this oddity, I did a google … Continue reading

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Yellow Stuffer Tomato

Yellow Stuffers are a new variety of Tomatoes that I’ve added to my garden this year. I’m trying to build a collection of Heritage tomatoes, and I hope to grow many varieties each year to preserve them for future generations. … Continue reading

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Checking on the Tomato Patch

Here’s me and my little gardening helper. We were checking out the size of the Yellow Brandywine Tomatoes, which are almost taller then my nephew. The heat has been quite warm lately, hence me and the little guy figured we’d show … Continue reading

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A Few Pictures

It’s been a slow rainy weekend, so I thought I would post some pictures I’ve taken in the greenhouse. Above is one of my Yellow Stuffer tomatoes. The stem on this gem is nearly the thickness of a pencil ! … Continue reading

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