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Trays All In

This year I managed to get all of my tomato and pepper seeds started at roughly the same time. I started all of these trays in my home during the [..]

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Waiting for the Green

The greenhouse is full, and not just to it’s intended maximum capacity; There are plants on the floor, and plants on new shelves. I’ve so crowded this clear [..]

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In The Greenhouse

I could have planted all of the above lettuce and mesclun seeds directly in the ground provided the rain would stop, and give me a chance to work [..]

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Cleaning The Greenhouse

I try to be a neat person, but with a full time job, and a garden that’s half an acre, somethings gotta give. That something this year is [..]

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Photos by Nate: 2

I’m really impressed with my nephew’s photos, and I’ve decided I will post them once a week. This will give me a break, as well as show off [..]

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The Late Overfill Garden

This spring, I’ve met a new friend, who hasn’t done much gardening in the past, but was quite interested in trying it out. There was some nice dirt [..]

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Greenhouse Tomatoes

If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you may recognize these tomato plants that I started in January. You may be asking why on [..]

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The Final Countdown……

In one week, I’ll be busy digging holes, and shuffling plants. I am a bit nervous though, the other day I was picking grass for my Egg Laying [..]

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Weekend Roundup 5/2/10

I’ve run out of space on my water tables, and it was time to either start placing plants on the floor, and hope no one steps on them, [..]

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Waiting for My Sea of Green

Above, I caught a picture of the Constellation Orion over the greenhouse. In the winter months, there isn’t much work to be done in the garden, other then applying [..]

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