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On the Brink – Saving a Cherry Bush from Drying Up

About three weeks ago, I noticed that one of my cherry bushes was not doing well at all. The temperature at that time was well above 90 degrees [..]

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More Cherries and Berries

I took a look around to see just how much rain we had gotten from a recent storm. I was very happy to see that the soil seemed [..]

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Timing and Progress

I’ve been trying to expand my gardening skills to include cooler weather crops, or in other words the items that I didn’t like to eat as a child. [..]

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Summer Cherries and Berries

While mowing the field over the weekend, I spotted these berry plants growing wild. I did some investigating online, and I believe that they are Service Berries. The [..]

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Getting Serious About Organic Fertilizer

There’s a new tool on the farm, one that’s been needed for far too long: a John Deere tractor. Now that it’s finally here, it’s time to get [..]

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Before and After Cherry Blossoms

The other day I just happened to look over at my two sweet cherry bushes, and noticed that they’ve got quite colorful, so I decided to snap a [..]

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Photos by Nate: 2

I’m really impressed with my nephew’s photos, and I’ve decided I will post them once a week. This will give me a break, as well as show off [..]

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Calm Before the Storm

Having a garden is like having a grocery store in your backyard, and it’s a great feeling to walk out without paying a dime. It’s almost like you [..]

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Tart Cherries and Wild Mint

The tart cherries are just starting to ripen and they are worth eating even thought they are quite sour. I gave my neices some, and they liked them. [..]

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