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The Wild Side

While leaving for work the other morning, I spotted a large group of turkeys standing in the middle of the long lane which connects the valley to civilization. The birds seemed to be resting until they spotted me and my … Continue reading

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Meanwhile Back at the Farm…

A few years back, we had a very large pine tree cut down, and rather then waste the wood in a fire, we had it milled at a local saw mill. When we got the boards back, I was surprised. … Continue reading

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Crop Circles ?

My niece Jennifer can be a bit of a trickster, so when her and Jessica informed me that a space ship landed in my corn and made a crop circle, I took the news with a grain of salt and … Continue reading

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Working With Nature

I visited my sister Sandy this weekend to take some pictures of her puppies. While there, I couldn’t help but take photos from around her pond. It’s about 25 feet wide and I’m guessing 40 feet long, but it’s absolutely … Continue reading

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Things that make me say “Wow”.

I’ve seen a very high trellis on a back road, in a far removed garden, and always thought the owner got carried away when constructing it. I guess the beans are the actor getting carried away thought. These beans have been … Continue reading

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Signs of Growth

I’ve stopped watching the evening news, along with many other changes in my life. I’ve found it’s made me much happier. I no longer track the daily progression of the Dow, nor exchange rates to convert Euro’s to Dollars. These … Continue reading

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Hazel had a Bad Day…

My day started at about 7:00 AM when I heard the siren roaring in Knox. It wasn’t the normal Fire Alarm, but more of a steady siren, warning that a Tornado could pop up at any moment. My immediate concern … Continue reading

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Chick Pics, and a Unique Guest

Some of these chicks were just moved out of the Incubator, and they look quite tired. They have just pecked their way out of some pretty hard shells, and it is their first day. The chick on the left is … Continue reading

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