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The Wild Side

While leaving for work the other morning, I spotted a large group of turkeys standing in the middle of the long lane which connects the valley to civilization. [..]

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Meanwhile Back at the Farm…

A few years back, we had a very large pine tree cut down, and rather then waste the wood in a fire, we had it milled at a [..]

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Crop Circles ?

My niece Jennifer can be a bit of a trickster, so when her and Jessica informed me that a space ship landed in my corn and made a [..]

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Working With Nature

I visited my sister Sandy this weekend to take some pictures of her puppies. While there, I couldn’t help but take photos from around her pond. It’s about [..]

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Things that make me say “Wow”.

I’ve seen a very high trellis on a back road, in a far removed garden, and always thought the owner got carried away when constructing it. I guess the [..]

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Signs of Growth

I’ve stopped watching the evening news, along with many other changes in my life. I’ve found it’s made me much happier. I no longer track the daily progression [..]

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Hazel had a Bad Day…

My day started at about 7:00 AM when I heard the siren roaring in Knox. It wasn’t the normal Fire Alarm, but more of a steady siren, warning [..]

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Chick Pics, and a Unique Guest

Some of these chicks were just moved out of the Incubator, and they look quite tired. They have just pecked their way out of some pretty hard shells, [..]

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