Country Corn

Cooking Corn

Cooking Corn

My little sister (in height, not age) is on vacation for the week, so it’s her time to relax and enjoy life a bit. She decided to start a small bon-fire, and invited a bunch of friends over. Maurice’s house is near the other end of the garden, and the fire pit is only feet away from the strawberry patch. It didn’t take long for me, and everyone else to start eyeing up the corn in the garden, and the kids were all too eager to wade though the garden to help me pick it. I had a long train of helpers following me, as I instructed them where to step. Picking the corn was easy, but making sure they were all holding the same amount was a bit of a challange. 

When we got back to the fire, we soaked the corn in water for 15 minutes, and after that it was placed right next to the fire, with the husk still attached. Every few minutes we would turn the ear with a long stick. When the husk was brown, it was done cooking. We made sure to let it cool down before eating, as this method cooks the corn with hot steam, and it will burn you if your not careful.

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