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Hot Cayenne Peppers

Hot Cayenne Peppers

I’m not much of a spicy food eater, but some members of my family like their food served as if still on fire, so I grew some hot peppers for them. So far, five people have been daring enough to try these peppers. Two of my nieces tried them, even though I told them not too. I’ve seen kids run fast, but when they are in search of milk or bread, to calm the fire, they turn in superhero’s with gifts that rival those of Flash Gordon. I gave them a stern warning, and told them if they must try them to take a tiny bite. I bet they’ll give my advice more consideration in the future.

Nate and Davey also tried them, although they were prepared for the results. Nate surprisingly didn’t eat one whole, and Davie sampled one of each color, much to my sisters dismay. He then wiped his eye with the same hand that he used to pick the peppers, which resulted in me duping half a bottle of eye drops in his eye. I also sampled a small piece, and knew better then to try more.  I was expecting a burn, but it moved far faster then I imagined. I’ll pass next time !

So kids: If an adult tells you something is hot, trusting them is sometimes better then finding out yourself.  Adults: Keep your hands out of your eyes after picking these, it’s just a good policy.

Preserving Hot Peppers: The peppers in the dish above will sit in my kitchen, and I’ll stir them every once in a while. This should allow them to dry, at which point they can be ground up and added to spice up winter dishes. Maybe this winter after I’ve forgotten my lesson, I’ll try another.

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