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Recipe for Grape Jam.

A few years ago, I planted 12 different types of grapes on the farm, including many plants that I cloned. This year I’ve finally started to taste the rewards of that effort, in the form of Grape Jam. Kassy and … Continue reading

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Zucchini Boats

I’ve definitely had my fair share of salad this summer, so I decided to switch things up a bit and cook some warm food. Zucchini Boats are a great recipe for people who don’t like the taste of zucchini, and … Continue reading

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Doing Battle with Critters

I’m not proud of large sections of this years garden, with one major reason: The plants are being eaten alive. There is no way a plant can grow well if ground hogs and deer are constantly munching on them like … Continue reading

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Sage Tea

As I was walking up my steps into my backdoor, I glanced down at my now two year old sage plant, and wondered what I could use it for. The plant is just starting it’s second winter, and the leaves … Continue reading

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Sauteed Swiss Shard

After chasing the chickens out of the greenhouse, I noticed a row of green in the garden. The Swiss Shard was still growing, and had not been killed by the frost. I did a search, and found that shard will … Continue reading

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Weekend Roundup 09/19/10

I’ve decided to take a new approach with regards to my chickens. Up to this point, I’ve kept them in a chicken house, with a fenced in run. Since the garden is well picked over, It seemed appropriate to release them … Continue reading

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Tomato Jelly

Tomato Jelly !? Sounds gross, but just like Zucchini pancakes, it’s something you have to try before passing judgment. I was quite reluctant to try it, but since then, I’ve been dieing for more. It actually tastes like Strawberry Jelly, … Continue reading

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   Tomatillos are an odd plant. First off, they are called “Mexican Husk Tomatoes”, although they aren’t tomatoes. The fruit itself it surronded with a papery husk, which splits when the fruit is ready to eat. It has been described … Continue reading

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