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Zucchini, Various Colors and Flavors

Zucchini, Various Colors and Flavors

I never thought there was much variation in vegetables, and each year I find this assumption to be more and more incorrect. I’m finding out that there is a world of new flavors to be discovered if only you look past the corn based products sold in most grocery stores. (Seriously, find the closest edible product and look at the ingredients list, I bet there is some form of corn in it).

The top zucchini with the dark stripes is a volunteer that grew on it’s own, so I do not have a name for it, but it’s got a very good nutty flavor, and is a great replacement for cucumbers in a salad.

The fat striped zucchini is an Italian Heritage Cocozelle. These have been growing the best so far, and I’m very happy with the taste. I had Zucchini Pizza made from these just last night.

Below the Italian Cocozelle, it a Black Beauty, and a yellow type I’ve since lost the name of. Black beauty are great grilled on an open fire, and they carry a traditional zucchini flavor.

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