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Playing in the Mud

You might notice that I’m not very good at weeding the garden, and I really don’t think it’s good for the soil anyway. I tend to let the [..]

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Photos by Jessica

My father often pushed me to learn as much about everything as possible, and he also stressed the importance of having a particular skill set that was specialized.  [..]

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Many Hands Make Quick Work

I’m starting to get lots of help pulling weeds, and It’s really helping greatly. In the photo, my niece, her friend and boots are taking one of there [..]

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Sandy and Davies Garden

I stopped in at my sister’s house this weekend, and as usual, I wound up taking a bunch of pictures. Sandy and Davie didn’t plant much last year [..]

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Getting Serious About Organic Fertilizer

There’s a new tool on the farm, one that’s been needed for far too long: a John Deere tractor. Now that it’s finally here, it’s time to get [..]

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Surprise Chicks !

 I got a surprise picture message on my cell phone yesterday. When I opened up the message I found one of my many helpers holding a baby chick, [..]

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Swiss Chard, Bio-Char and Haste is Waste

Even in the winter, I find my self walking around in the garden. I noticed the other day that my Swiss Chard is still alive,  so I started [..]

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“Winter Melon”

I picked a watermelon months ago when expecting guests, and left it sit on my kitchen counter. The guests came and went, and I forgot about the melon [..]

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This Old Barn: Part 2

On Thursday and Friday Davie and I worked on the back part of the barn.  You can see it needed a lot of work, as some boards have [..]

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Preparing for Frost

The garden has begun it’s slow transformation from a land of plenty, with rapidly growing plants to a shadow of it’s height in summer. Most of the plants [..]

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