Surprise Chicks !

Helper Holding a Baby Chicken

Helper Holding a Baby Chicken

 I got a surprise picture message on my cell phone yesterday. When I opened up the message I found one of my many helpers holding a baby chick, with text that read “Got a deal on 30 baby chicks, their in your greenhouse !” Sure enought, when I got home the greenhouse had a box full of cute baby chicks.



So now I really need to finish up my chicken coop before the Greenhouse starts warming up. The tempurature in this hot house can peak over 100 degrees on bright sunny days, with a fan pushing out the warm air.  Since I’m still worried about frost, I haven’t yet installed the peak fan to push out the heat, so were talking about a potential chicken roast If I don’t get things together !

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  1. Me

    That is an ADORABLE picture

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