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Cider Press Complete

Adonica Standing with the Press For the past two days, I’ve had one item which has topped my agenda: Finishing and testing out the cider press I’ve been [..]

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Cider Press Progress

Notched Landscape Timbers After working hard all summer on my shed and it’s second story wood shop, I’ve finally gotten started on my first serious project: A cider press.  The [..]

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Ladder and Lights

I only have a few major components to finish before I can call my shed complete, but before I totally enclosed the second story, I figured it would [..]

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Unconventional Door

I finally got enough other work done to begin constructing the first door for my shed. I built the basic frame, and with Davies help attached it to [..]

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Shed Progress: Fascia and Drip Edge

I’ve been playing around on the tractor quite a bit lately, but I knew it would soon be time to get back to work. The shed still needs [..]

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Stubborn Progress

I made a great deal of progress on my shed over the weekend. I’ve finally completed a fix on the edge of the roof where the overhang was [..]

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Photos by Jessica

My father often pushed me to learn as much about everything as possible, and he also stressed the importance of having a particular skill set that was specialized.  [..]

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