“Winter Melon”

My Niece holding a Watermelon In Mid-December

My Niece holding a Watermelon In Mid-December

I picked a watermelon months ago when expecting guests, and left it sit on my kitchen counter. The guests came and went, and I forgot about the melon till the other day. I noticed it sitting there very much out of place, and decided it sat long enough.

Many of the watermelons that grew this year were filled with water, and made a huge mess when they were cut open, so it was decided that the best place to cut it open would be outside. I had my helper hold the garden goodie for a photo before I opened it up.

Looks Edible...

Looks Edible...

When the fruit was exposed it looked good, smelled right, and so I had a taste. It wasn’t bad, and was a sure treat in the middle of December. It’s funny to think that this melon lasted for months on my kitchen counter, but only hours once it was cut open. The taste was great and we all had a big chunk. I even saved Babe (the pig) a little piece.

I made it a point to save all of the seeds from this melon. I’ll plant them again next year, and save the seeds from the melons that last the longest. If I do this year after year, it will encourage the melons that last the longest to survive, somewhat like natural selection. In time I hope to name these long lasting melons: “Winter Melon”

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  1. Melon in winter now that is a treat to watch. Great to see your melon looking delicious.

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