Go Go Goji Berries !

Goji Berries

Goji Berries

This past winter, I ordered some odd new plants for my long term gardening plan. These plants included Honey Berries, Goji Berries and a Paw Paw tree. I’ve already recieved and planted the Honey Berries, and a week or two ago I got some sticks that were labeled Goji Berries. I mentioned in a previous post that I had planned to complain to the company which sold me the plants, but luckily, I was too busy planting to call them. What I did do was place the twigs in some Miracle Grow potting mix, and added a “bit” of Miracle Grow plant food.

Goji Berries on June 3

Goji Berries on June 3

The photo above was taken on June 3, and is in very much contrast to the thriving plants in the first photo.  I should be moving these plants out to the rows of odd plants, but after bringing them back from the brink, it might be a bit hard to move them out of the protective confines they are growing so well in. I guess I could plant half of them, and see how they do on their own before moving the whole group out.

Goji Berries

2 responses to Go Go Goji Berries !

  1. Dear Goji Friend,

    What you are growing are “cuttings, from an unknown cultivar .” Cuttings will not produce a “Tap Root”. The tap root is “MEDICINE”, especially from the “Da Ma Ye Cultivar”.

    Best regards,

    F.E. (Rich) Tompkins

  2. Roger

    Is there anyone growing Goji Berries in the Yakima, Wa. area? I purchased 22 Crimson Star, three foot plants in April 2011 from a nursery in Oregon. The first year they grew 4-6 feet & produced approx. 3lbs. of berries. We are now mid August 2012 & so far I have harvested around 7lbs. & they are still going strong. No insect or disease problems at this point. Bird netting was a must to keep the birds from cleaning me out.

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