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Mowing Fields with the Tractor and Finsih Mower

Mowing Fields with the Tractor and Finish Mower

Over the weekend, Rob gave me a 10 minute lesson in how the tractor works. He showed me where the brakes and clutch were, and how to shift this beast. As soon as I hoped up onto the seat it was time to start this mowing machine and see what it would be like to use the mower. Since I was already in the seat, and already had the mower spinning, I decided it was as good a time as any to mow the whole field, so I did.

Mowing Fields

Mowing Fields

While mowing doesn’t seem like a very farmer thing to do, it is very important so the fields stay in shape. If they are not mowed every other year or so, little trees will soon turn a good field into a good forest. Converting the forest back into a field is no easy task, so mowing is more about prevention that production. I may wish to grow corn in this field soon, so I’ll need to keep it all grass for now.

So, It’s official, rather then a guy with a really big garden, this tractor makes me a full blown farmer…. well almost, maybe when I get a corn planter it will be official. I say close enough.


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