Tomato Planting Time

Many of the Varieties I've Started

Many of the Varieties I've Started

I’ve been spending a good amount of time these last few days planting Tomato seeds for this years garden. As always, I got carried away, and so far I’m up to about 500 seeds in dirt. Add these cups to the 200 or so pepper plants, and I have a house full of plants ! I plan on starting a few more, simply to get odd varieties, and save seeds for next year. Soon it will be time to start cucumbers, and melons.

It’s my first year with the greenhouse, and to play it safe, I’m testing out the heater setup before I move all of these seedlings. Currently, there are two tomatoes out there, and I recently installed a automatic heating system. The heating system consists of a “Line Voltage” thermometer, wired up to a wall outlet. When the tempurature drops below 55 F, the thermometer flips an internal switch, which sends 120 V to the wall outlet. I have an electric heater plugged into this outlet as well as a fan to circulate the air a bit. If my two test tomatoes don’t look too ragged in a few days, I’ll start stocking the water tables with little plants. If not, the plants will be safe in the house….

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