A Three Leaf Seedling ?

San Marzano Seedling with Three Starter Leaves

San Marzano Seedling with Three Starter Leaves

 I’m not sure what to think about this seedling with three starter leaves, but I am pretty sure it is a genetic trait that has been changed from the other seedlings. Having three leaves would seem like an advantage, since this would allow the plant to collect 50% more light while growing, but it would also require 50 % more plant material. I have marked this seedling, and I hope to track it all the way through it’s growth cycle. If the tomatoes that it bears are similar to others, or if they taste or look better, I’ll save those seeds. Next year, I’ll look for the same trait in those seedlings, and pinch off the two leaf seedlings. If I do this long enough, I should get a unique new tomato variety.

However, it could be all a waste of time…… I imagine the business that sold me these seeds would use some kind of mechanized system to sort seeds, and this could simply be a stray flower seed.

Time will tell….

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