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Cider Press Progress

Notched Landscape Timbers After working hard all summer on my shed and it’s second story wood shop, I’ve finally gotten started on my first serious project: A cider press.  The design isn’t really that complicated, but it requires a great deal of … Continue reading

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Spring Projects for 2012

Cider Press While the weather is still cool, and before the garden demands so much of my time, I hope to build a cider press in the same basic design as shown above. It’s a very clever setup that makes … Continue reading

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Next Year’s Garden ’12

It’s that time of year when storing away garden goodies isn’t the only priority. This is a ripe time to save seeds for next years garden, and if you’ve looked through a seed catalog, or lived anywhere other then below … Continue reading

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Seeds – Rearin’ To Grow

There it is, my supply of seeds as I head into the 2011 growing season. I’ve got all the essentials, including Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Beans, Zucchini, Winter Squash, and lot’s of things which are new to me such as Artichokes and … Continue reading

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Winter Plans

I have been watching Mother Nature more so then usual now that I have a new project in mind. I’m thinking about building a root cellar to store produce without refrigeration. In order for the project to be a success, … Continue reading

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Here Comes The Work Part of Winter

I’ve been thinking about getting a jump start on the winter season by pruning my fruit trees and grape vines before it gets too cold, but Mother Nature apparently has a different plan. This morning, just as the sun was … Continue reading

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Planning Ahead with Bio-Char

Kids: Don’t try this at home ! If the gases do not properly escape during heating, you will be in trouble. Somewhere during my life, I either learned this lesson myself, or picked it up from others: “The longer ahead … Continue reading

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Mapping Progress

Blue Concord In the long term, I hope to clone most of the grapes which I’ve planted near the garden. The cloning part isn’t that difficult, but keeping track of each specific vine’s name over the course of several years … Continue reading

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Winter’s Purpose

Mechanical Timer It  may still be fall for most people, but for this IT guy there are two seasons: Winter and Growing season. Winter is a time for restocking, weather it be nutrients in the soil, or tools for the … Continue reading

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Putting the Cart Before the Horse

In the photo above, my garden looks tiny in comparison to the field which surrounds it. Lately, I’ve been thinking about expanding the garden to twice it’s current size. I know, It sounds good on paper, by the realistic part … Continue reading

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