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No Room to Move !

Bareroot Apple Seedlings in My Hallway Last Thursday I finally received the fruit tree seedlings that I’ve been waiting months for. The order contained 75 apple, 25 wild plum and 25 red elderberry plants which all arrived in a single box as … Continue reading

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Cider Press Complete

Adonica Standing with the Press For the past two days, I’ve had one item which has topped my agenda: Finishing and testing out the cider press I’ve been working on. A good friend, Adonica in the picture above, heard about … Continue reading

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Cider Press Progress

Notched Landscape Timbers After working hard all summer on my shed and it’s second story wood shop, I’ve finally gotten started on my first serious project: A cider press.  The design isn’t really that complicated, but it requires a great deal of … Continue reading

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Spring Projects for 2012

Cider Press While the weather is still cool, and before the garden demands so much of my time, I hope to build a cider press in the same basic design as shown above. It’s a very clever setup that makes … Continue reading

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A Year of Growth: 2011

Another year has passed on the farm, and as the old year passes by, it leaves changes much like a glacier grinding and pushing its way to the sea. 2011 brought lots of new equipment and experiences to the farm, … Continue reading

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A Good Year for Apples

It’s been a great year for apples in Northwest Pennsylvania. Above is a selection of apples from a co-workers orchard. He’s got a real apple problem on his hands at the moment, with the potential to fill many, many 50 … Continue reading

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Vacation Wrap-Up

Last year when it came time to plant the potatoes, we dug a trench and placed the spuds in the ground. This year, I’ve made mounds about a foot tall, and planted the potatoes in a ditch along the ridge … Continue reading

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