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Happy 4th of July !

Here’s a picture of the majority of the garden. I’ve left out the lettuce patch as the rabbits and the weeds have decimated it. It’s not all bad [..]

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The Late Overfill Garden

This spring, I’ve met a new friend, who hasn’t done much gardening in the past, but was quite interested in trying it out. There was some nice dirt [..]

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Water, Weeds, Grapes and Corn.

Here is a water Carrier / Sprayer that Dad used to water all of the grape vines back in the day. It hasn’t been used much in the [..]

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The Garden is Full

Here’s my littlest helper, and the gardener that started All of the watermelons in the garden. He choose the seeds, when to plant them and how. All I’ve [..]

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Ying Yang Beans and Blue Corn

I finally got my shipment of White Tomato seeds, and along with them, I ordered some other seeds that peeked my interest: Yin Yang Beans, and some Blue [..]

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