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Planning Ahead with Bio-Char

Kids: Don’t try this at home ! If the gases do not properly escape during heating, you will be in trouble. Somewhere during my life, I either learned this lesson myself, or picked it up from others: “The longer ahead … Continue reading

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Winter’s Purpose

Mechanical Timer It  may still be fall for most people, but for this IT guy there are two seasons: Winter and Growing season. Winter is a time for restocking, weather it be nutrients in the soil, or tools for the … Continue reading

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One of a Kind Rock Rake

This spring I realized I had a problem, a rock problem, and I began the harvest before I had planted any seeds. I would pile the rocks up, and then wheel them off to the edges of the garden in … Continue reading

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Making a Stand

I’ve finally gotten around to building a Produce Stand. I’ve been putting it off, hoping the Market would consume all of my garden goodies. It has not. So, work begins on the backup plan: A stand to be operated by … Continue reading

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Urey and Ada’s Garden

This morning while getting some water out of the fridge, I noticed once again the vast amount of eggs piling up. I decided I would give them to my neighbors Urey and Ada, as they are always nice to me. … Continue reading

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Water, Weeds, Grapes and Corn.

Here is a water Carrier / Sprayer that Dad used to water all of the grape vines back in the day. It hasn’t been used much in the last few years, but I’ve decided it would be a huge help, … Continue reading

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Beginning Anew

Here it is again, time to wipe the old slate clean and start anew. The location of my gardening requires me to leave all of my work from the previous year behind, all the hundreds of tomatoes I’ve planted in … Continue reading

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My Confidence Grows in the Greenhouse Heating System

Here is a table full of Tomato and Pepper plants.  After the last few nights with cold weather, and even a bit of snow, I’ve gained enought confidence in the heating system to start moving my seedlings in. The tomatoes that … Continue reading

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Weekend Roundup 4/4/10

Here is the newest garden tool, on loan to me from Davie and Sandy. It’s a nice little garden tractor that will save me a lot of work. In the photo above, a set of “hairs” is chained to the … Continue reading

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Spring Planting Calendar

When planting in the past, I would ask local gardeners, and plant crops when they do.  This always works well, and I have yet to plant a major crop too early or too late, but I was looking for a … Continue reading

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