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The Late Garden is Doing Quite Well.

The late garden has really started growing now that rain has returned. Above the corn is just now clearing knee-high, and I still think it will grow to [..]

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All Grown Up

Here is one of Sandy’s younger generations of chickens, hatched in of all places: My Kitchen. She provided the eggs, incubator and general knowledge of the process. I [..]

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George’s Free Range Chickens

On the other end of the farm, George has more animals then I. He has many pigs, and a small herd of Free Range Chickens. They are an [..]

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Weekend Roundup 5/16/10

There are only two weeks left till I can leave my comfortable office chair, and head out into my own, even more comfortable little world, or should I say [..]

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Weekend Roundup 4/24/10

The weekend started off easily enough, with plans to make a map of my small orchard. I walked around and took pictures of each identifing tag, and added [..]

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Weekend Roundup 4/4/10

Here is the newest garden tool, on loan to me from Davie and Sandy. It’s a nice little garden tractor that will save me a lot of work. [..]

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Chick Pics, and a Unique Guest

Some of these chicks were just moved out of the Incubator, and they look quite tired. They have just pecked their way out of some pretty hard shells, [..]

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Chicks are hatching !

Isn’t It Cute ! Five chicks have climbed out, looks like 9 more are trying. More Pics tomorrow !


Waiting on Chicks…

Here they are at last ! I’ve been turning these little guys everyday now for about 3 weeks, and I almost thought they were all lost. See, I [..]


Hatching Chicks

The other day, I posted some pictures of Sandy’s farm, where I was picking up an Incubator and a lot of Fertilized Eggs. I have set the Incubator [..]

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