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Taking the Chill Off – In the Greenhouse

I’ve finally settled on a heating system for the greenhouse. Basically, there is a Line Voltage thermostat that monitors the tempurature inside. When the temp drops below the [..]

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Planting Pepper Seeds

I’ve been stocking up on appealing pepper seeds all winter, and now it’s time to get them into some Miracle Grow.  I started out by collecting some Styrofoam [..]

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Goldy, The Greenhouse Tomato

Every winter since I started gardening, I get the urge to plant things way too early. I’ve managed to restrain myself to starting 8 tomatoes this year. I’ve [..]

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Waiting for My Sea of Green

Above, I caught a picture of the Constellation Orion over the greenhouse. In the winter months, there isn’t much work to be done in the garden, other then applying [..]

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It’s Getting Hot in Here….

This photo reminds me of the song “It’s Getting Hot in Here” by Nelly. I was so amazed at the tempurature, I had to take a picture.  There [..]

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Inside the Greenhouse

I’ve had some questions about the inside area of the Greenhouse, so I thought I would post some pictures. The photo above was taken at night, in February, [..]

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Thermal Batteries

Thats my nickname for this setup, “Thermal Batteries”. The barrels and smaller jugs are filled with water, and painted.  Because the jugs are painted black, they absorb the [..]

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The Greenhouse In Winter

It took all summer, and a lot of help to finish my new favorite building. I found some really great plastic to cover it with, called Clear Polycarbonate [..]

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The Ridge Piece

I was going to use aluminum flashing to cover over the ridge of the roof, but luckily, Davie had some left over ridge pieces from his barn project. [..]

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A Symbolic Step

I used some 2 inch wide boards from the barn as a level roof base, and it took the majority of a Saturday to nail them down. I [..]

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