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Mapping Progress

Blue Concord In the long term, I hope to clone most of the grapes which I’ve planted near the garden. The cloning part isn’t that difficult, but keeping [..]

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A Few Good Grapes

The last two years, have been brutal for grape production. I’m not sure if it is something I’m doing wrong or if the weather is too blame. Last year [..]

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A Lesson: Good Things Take Time & Effort

As the growing season is winding down, I hope to post some of the lessons I’ve learned this year. 2010 is my second year for cloning grapes, also [..]

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Evening Shots

On Friday, we had a gorgous sunset, and I had to share some of the photos I snapped. Above is a Apple tree that I planted last year. [..]

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Water, Weeds, Grapes and Corn.

Here is a water Carrier / Sprayer that Dad used to water all of the grape vines back in the day. It hasn’t been used much in the [..]

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Tomatoes in the Fog

While doing my daily inspection of the Garden, a time when I look closely for pests, I noticed one of my Sheboygan Tomatoes is Already setting small gems. [..]

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Grape Clones Revisited

Here are the Grape clones that I planted in an earlier post. Nearly half of the canes that I’ve placed in cups have growth, and they are the [..]

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Signs of Spring

I have been patiently waiting for my Grape Clones to begin growing, and I was just beginning to wonder if I missed a step in the process. It [..]

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Propogating Grapes, Revisited.

Yesterday, Nate and I pruned the Concord Grapes by the Ice House, so today, I thought I would prune Mom’s Grapes, which are Native W/ Seeds. There was once [..]

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Propogating Concord Grapes

 Propogating ( Cloning ) Grapes is easy. In Febuary, when I prune my grape vines, I will select some canes for cloning. The idea is to get three “nodes”, [..]

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