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Weekend Roof Work

After a great deal of work getting the shed ready for the roofing, I was ready to get this portion of work over with. Of all of the [..]

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Shed Progress: Fascia and Drip Edge

I’ve been playing around on the tractor quite a bit lately, but I knew it would soon be time to get back to work. The shed still needs [..]

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Stubborn Progress

I made a great deal of progress on my shed over the weekend. I’ve finally completed a fix on the edge of the roof where the overhang was [..]

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Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

I’ve been working steadily on my shed since spring, adding boards after work, or sheeting on the weekends. I’ve found it’s taking much longer to complete each step [..]

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Roof Framing

I’m still working on my shed, with the light at the end of the tunnel now in sight. I have the roof frame complete, and I’ll soon begin [..]

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My “Truck”

I used to have a Chevy Cheyenne Truck, but it was very old and worn out. These days, I use my Chevy Cobalt to do all of my [..]

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Vacation Wrap-Up

Last year when it came time to plant the potatoes, we dug a trench and placed the spuds in the ground. This year, I’ve made mounds about a [..]

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The Good Life

I’ve meant to post more content during my time off (I’m on vacation), but I’ve been so busy, that I haven’t found the time till just now. The [..]

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Rainy Days are Here Again.

The weather has still been mostly rain lately, and I’ve had little progress on my Chicken Coop / Shop. I finally got all of the first layer studs [..]

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Meanwhile Back at the Farm…

A few years back, we had a very large pine tree cut down, and rather then waste the wood in a fire, we had it milled at a [..]

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